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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TRiO?

The Federal TRIO Programs (TRIO) are Federal outreach and student services programs designed to identify and provide services for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. TRIO includes eight programs targeted to serve and assist low-income individuals, first-generation college students, and individuals with disabilities to progress through the academic pipeline from middle school to post baccalaureate programs. TRIO also includes a training program for directors and staff of TRIO projects.

The recipients of the grants, depending on the specific program, are institutions of higher education, public and private agencies and organizations including community-based organizations with experience in serving disadvantaged youth and secondary schools. These entities plan, develop and carry out the services for students. While individual students are served by these entities, they may not apply for grants under these programs. Additionally, in order to be served by one of these programs, a student must be eligible to receive services and be accepted into a funded project that serves the institution or school that student is attending or the area in which the student lives. NHU currently hosts 3 TRiO programs: Upward Bound, Talent Search, and Student Support Services.

The NHU TRiO/TRiO Scholars Program started in 2005 and is funded by the U.S. Department of Education. NHU TRiO/TSP annually provides services to 160 students so that they develop the skills and motivation necessary to achieve a bachelor's degree. This program is available to NHU freshman and sophomores who meet the eligibility criteria. Participants are identified as TSP Trio students; they receive services when they are admitted into the program until graduation.

What services does the TRiO Scholars Program provide? Academic Tutoring; Course Selection Planning; Financial Aid information; Financial & Economic Literacy; Graduate School Information and Support the students to graduate from NHU.

What is the TRiO/TRiO Scholars Program Summer Bridge? The Summer Bridge is a service provided by the Student Success Program. NHU TRiO/TSP allows 50 admitted first-year students to get a head start on their NHU education. During this seven-week program students take two college courses for credit and attend academic support sessions, workshops, and other activities to help provide for a smooth transition to NHU in the fall. Students engage with peer mentors and tutors after class and learn about their college strengths. Summer Bridge participants will also participate in the academic year component of TRiO/TSP while enrolled at NHU until graduation.

Who is eligible for TRiO/TSP Summer Bridge? NHU TRiO/TSP participants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents pursuing their first bachelor's degree. Participants must be incoming freshman or currently enrolled NHU students. The Program participants must demonstrate academic need for services and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Low-income student: a student whose family meets federal income eligibility guidelines, provided by the Department of Education.
  • First generation college student: a student where neither custodial parent/guardian has graduated from a four-year institution at the time of the student's enrollment in the TRiO/TSP program.

How much does it cost to participate in TRiO/TSP Summer Bridge? The same tuition rates apply for each course. Students must fill out their 2010/2011 FAFSA and be eligible to receive pell grant to cover the summer course fees. However, there is no cost for students to receive services from TRiO/TSP or Summer Bridge. The costs covered include textbooks, meals, workshop material, and activity fees. Students may want to bring money for miscellaneous personal expenses not covered by the program.

Where do I eat? Part of the summer programming will include a working lunch with staff and students. Students will eat all meals at NHU every day. Student will be given bag lunches on trip day.

What is the daily schedule? In addition to courses in religion and public speaking, students will attend study sessions, workshops, and other planned activities. Students must be on campus from 8am – 3pm, Monday – Thursday. Unless otherwise specified, participation in all activities is mandatory.

Will I receive credit for the First Year Seminar and Public Speaking courses? Yes! The TRiO/TSP Summer Bridge courses are traditional NHU courses taught by NHU professors and fulfill general graduation requirements. TRiO/TSP Summer Bridge course credit is awarded after successful completion of the summer semester.

May I work or have other outside commitments during TRiO/TSP Summer Bridge? The TRiO/TSP Summer Bridge schedule is hectic and demanding; it will be very difficult for participants to have other outside commitments. Participants are expected to commit fully to TRiO/TSP Summer Bridge during the seven-week program.

May I leave campus from time to time during TRiO/TSP Summer Bridge? Students may leave for family emergencies, or may leave during non-scheduled program times. Students are expected to stay on campus from 8am - 3pm. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the program director. Students will receive a calendar of events before the program begins, and again upon arrival to campus.

What are some other reasons I should apply to, and participate in, TRiO/TSP Summer Bridge? Besides the head start on your college career:

  • You'll make friendships with other new NHU students before the academic year begins.
  • You'll have a network of faculty, staff, and peers in a supportive learning environment.
  • You'll enhance your study skills in college-level reading, writing, thinking, and public speaking.
  • You’ll participate in the Road Trip Nation project.
  • You'll receive six NHU credits upon successful completion of the TRiO/TSP Summer Bridge program
  • It's a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Great! What is the application process?

  1. Be fully admitted to NHU
  2. Complete an NHU TRiO/TSP application and Summer Bridge application, either: Obtain from the TRiO/TSP office, or Download from TRiO/TSP website,
  3. Complete both the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for 2011-2012 before June 30, 2012.
  4. Students must also have a commitment to their college success and graduate with a four year degree from NHU. They must attend a student/parent orientation prior to attending the summer bridge program on June 19, 2012. Deadline for TRiO/TSP Summer Bridge Program Early Admission is May 29, 2012. Applications will be accepted after this date until the Summer Bridge Program is filled.



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