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Future Students
Pre-College Programs
The National Hispanic University's Pre-College/TRIO Programs continue to serve as an outreach arm to the community by surveying its needs and providing services that will address them.  The pre-college programs target middle and high school students for academic and social development, with the goal of increasing high school graduation rates and matriculation into college by students traditionally under-represented in higher education.
Esperanza Educational Talent Search

Esperanza Educational Talent Search is a federally funded program through the United States Department of Education TRIO Programs.  Its goal is to assist eligible students at specific school sites to graduate from high school and enroll in post-secondary education.  The program annually serves 1,275 eligible students free of charge at selected middle schools (grades 6,7, and 8) and high schools (grades 9-12), while also serving adults seeking to re-enter and complete their high school diploma in the city of San Jose.

Services available through Esperanza Educational Talent Search include the following

  • College admissions counseling;
  • Career counseling;
  • Assistance with financial aid forms;
  • Assistance in the selection of college preparation courses;
  • Assistance with college application forms;
  • College/University campus visits;
  • Visits to corporations and public institutions to see various professions at work;
  • Tutorial assistance;
  • Scholastic Achievement Test (college entrance exam) information;
  • Workshops on such topics as Study Skills and Career Exploration;
  • Parent workshops.

To qualify for the program, a student must be a U.S. citizen or eligible resident, must meet the low-income federal guidelines, and/or will be the first generation in his/her family to graduate with a baccalaureate degree. 

To be considered for admission to the program, an Esperanza Educational Talent Search Application should be completed.  Applications are available at the Career Centers of participating high schools, the school office of middle schools, and can be requested by calling the Pre-College/TRIO Programs Office at NHU.

Upward Bound

Upward Bound is a federally funded program through the United States Department of Education TRIO Programs.  It is designed to assist sixty eligible high school students to successfully complete their high school education, enroll in, and complete a post-secondary education program.  The central idea behind Upward Bound is that students from traditionally under-represented groups can be prepared to successfully compete in post-secondary institutions by providing them with a simulated college experience rich in academic and motivational support.

By providing tutoring, counseling, and individualized instruction, Upward Bound helps students to bridge the gap between their performance and their potential, thus increasing the opportunity for gaining admission to college.

Students are selected from specific high schools in the city of San Jose.  To qualify, the student must (1) have freshman, sophomore, or junior status at entry; (2) meet the low-income federal guidelines; and/or be the first generation in his/her family to complete a baccalaureate degree; (3) be a U.S. citizen or eligible resident; (4) and have the desire and commitment to pursue a college education.

During the academic year, the Project's services include both individual and after-school tutorials, academic and college advising, college tours, and a variety of enrichment activities of an educational, recreational, and cultural nature.

In the summer, the Project offers a Summer Academic Enrichment Residential Program.  The six-week session includes college preparatory courses, daily tutorial assistance, study skills training, as well as academic and college advising.  Students live in college dormitories during the week, going home on weekends, and attend classes during the week at The National Hispanic University campus.

The program was established at NHU in September of 1989 and currently serves 64 students.  All services to eligible participants are provided free of charge.

Latino College Preparatory Academy

The Latino College Preparatory (LCPA) is a collaborative Charter High School between NHU and the East Side Union High School District for under-achieving English Language Learning Students. The Charter School on campus serves as a lab to train teachers, pilot-test curriculum, and observe the learning habits of English Language Learners.

Since September 2001, the LCPA has phased in 100 English Language Learners in cohorts toward the goal of 400 students total enrollment by Fall 2004.  As part of the middle college model, the LCPA curriculum and activities are coordinated and articulated with the university's academic programs and calendar.

LCPA faculty members are eligible to enroll in the NHU Teacher Education program, and encouraged to participate in faculty development activities. 

Through the collaboration of NHU and LCPA faculty and students, the depth and scope of the NHU learning community has been enhanced.

For more information, please contact LCPA at (408) 273-2281.



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