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Safeway Food & Drug and The National Hispanic University: Dia del Maestro

Release Date: April 22, 1999 (draft) 

In partnership with Safeway Food & Drug, The National Hispanic University will be hosting Dia del Maestro, Day of the Teacher. On June 12, 1999, NHU faculty, professors, students and their families will be present at the San Jose Giants Ball Park in San Jose. Those attending will be participating in fun, food, and showing appreciation for the teachers which have played an active part in the academic success of students at The National Hispanic University.

The National Hispanic University is an independent, nationally accredited, non-profit institution of higher education that was authorized to grant degrees in 1981 by the California Department of Education, Office of Private Post-secondary and Vocational Education. The University offers degree programs in business, liberal studies, education, and computer science at the Associate and Bachelor's levels. The University also sponsors various extended programs that address the educational needs of K-12 within the community.

For more information on Dia del Maestro or The National Hispanic University, please contact us at (408) 254-6900.