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The National Hispanic University Distinguished Lecture Series is Launched: Dr. Patricia Gozemba's View on How Teachers and Students Change the World

Contact Person: N. Patricia Estrada
Phone: (408) 273-2683
Email: pestrada@nhu.edu
Release Date: March 25, 2003

Latinos constitute the largest minority ethnic group in the country according to the 2000 census.  Latinos are also the fastest growing population in the K-12 system.  However, Latino student achievement remains far lower than other students, due to a variety of factors such as poverty, inadequate resources in the public school system, low participation rates in pre-school programs, high drop out rates, and limited English proficiency upon entry into schools.  One result is that Latinos comprised only 5 percent of all bachelor's degrees awarded in 1999.  Further, income levels of Latinos remain far below other ethnic groups, with poverty levels rising in the wake of economic downturn in the United States.  Thus, education remains the single most important factor for Latinos in achieving greater social, cultural, and economic mobility.

These issues will be addressed in the first NHU Distinguished Lecture Series featuring Dr. Patricia Gozemba from Salem State College and co-author of Pockets of Hope: How Students and Teachers Change the World.  The book was co-authored by Dr. Eileen de los Reyes of Harvard University.

Dr. Patricia Gozemba is a distinguished scholar, educator, author and leader in the fields of Education and Women's studies.  She has taught for over 38 years at Salem State College in Massachusetts and holds an Ed.D. in Language Arts and Curriculum Development from Boston University.

The NHU Distinguished Lecture Series addresses issues of significant impact and importance to the Hispanic community and the larger society.  This first in the lecture series is open and free to the public and will take place on Wednesday, March 26, 2003 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the Mexican Heritage Plaza (Pavilion Room).

The National Hispanic University is an accredited, independent, non-profit four-year postsecondary education institution approved to grant degrees by the State of California and accredited to award teacher credentials by the California Commission of Teacher Credentialing.  The NHU was established in 1981 and is located at 14271 Story Road in San Jose.  For further information on NHU or the Lecture Series please call Roberto Cruz II at (408) 273-2712.

Please RSVP to N. Patricia Estrada at (408) 273-2683 by March 24, 2003.