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Dr. Hernandez of U.C. Santa Cruz and The National Hispanic University: Speaker

Release Date: April 22, 1999 (draft)

The National Hispanic University has invited Dr. J. Francisco Hernandez of University of California at Santa Cruz to speak at the NHU campus , in San Jose, on April 27, 1999. The University is looking forward to hearing the issues which Dr. Hernandez will address during his visit.

Dr. Hernandez is the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at U.C. Santa Cruz, a post he held since 1994. He is the chief advisor to the Chancellor on all areas related to student life, early academic outreach, enrollment, retention, and educational financing. Dr. Hernandez serves on several systemwide committees and was appointed by the chancellor to serve on the U.C. Merced Student Planning Advisory Committee. The new U.C. campus is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2005. More recently, he was asked to serve on the State Hispanic Community Advisory Council. He teaches a course on Minorities in Higher Education at U.C. Santa Cruz.

The National Hispanic University is an independent, nationally accredited, non-profit institution of higher education that was authorized to grant degrees in 1981 by the California Department of Education, Office of Private Post-secondary and Vocational Education. The University offers degree programs in business, liberal studies, education, and computer science at the Associate and Bachelor's levels. The University also sponsors various extended programs that address the educational needs of K-12 within the community.

For further information on Dr. Hernandez's visit or The National Hispanic University, contact us at (408) 254-6900.