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Meet Professor Rosa Gonzalez



Professor Rosa Gonzalez is a faculty member teaching in NHU’s Child Development program. She has spent more than 10 years working with children and providing parent education. She is also a co-founder of Stars Infant Program, which specializes in providing quality early intervention through motivation, education, and creative thinking while maintaining cultural sensitivity.

Professor Gonzalez believes it is important when educating children to maintain patience and use everyday activities as opportunities for learning. Read on to learn more about why she became interested in early childhood development and her proud role as a parent!

Professor Ossie Rashel

Q. Why did you become interested in studying early childhood development?

I became interested in studying early childhood education during my first year teaching in Compton Unified School District. I felt the need to dive into education at the early stages of development. I was eager to find ways to help children and their families develop a love of learning.

Q. How did you come up with the idea for the Stars Infant Program?

This topic is dear to my heart! My two brothers and I brainstormed on ways we can make a difference in our community by enhancing the quality of every family’s life. We began to develop a program that would provide services using natural routines and activities that support and encourage families. We wanted our focus to be on the children's developmental needs and their natural ability to learn. We put a lot of value on the diversity of every family and the unique needs of each child. It has been the most amazing and rewarding journey!

Q. What makes you proud to be part of the NHU familia?

Great question! I am proud to be part of such an amazing growing university that gives students an opportunity to pursue their college degree. Being part of NHU's faculty allows me to meet the needs of all my different learners and motivate them to reach higher education. I learn from my students as much as they learn from me; we are all part of this wonderful learning community.

Q. What’s your best piece of advice for students pursuing their degree?

The best piece of advice for students pursuing their college degree is to always stay focused and motivated. Plan, plan, plan! Set goals and celebrate each time you reach your goals. As you complete classes, be proud that you are moving in the right direction. As you walk across the stage on graduation day, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment. I am proud of each one of my students who have taken the first step to pursue their college degree—that is something to be proud of and I applaud each one of you!

Q. Finally, can you tell us something others might not know about you?

This year I will be celebrating my 12th wedding anniversary with my best friend, my biggest supporter, the one who motivates me to do more—my dear husband. We have two beautiful children; Abby just started 5th grade and Isaiah is in 6th grade. We are predicting Abby will be an attorney, but she is determined that she will be part of Google one day. I love her motivation! Isaiah wants to be in the NBA, but he would also like to attend medical school and study the brain. Dr. Ben Carson says the brain is a miracle and we believe it. Both of my kids have passions and dreams ... I am a proud parent! One of my favorite things to do is to take an adventurous trip and enjoy each other's company. There is nothing like bike riding, playing a game of basketball, or trying a new restaurant with my family.