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International Women in Leadership:
Changing the Landscape to Drive Business


Watch the archived webinar now.

On Thursday, March 7, at 10 a.m. Pacific time, The National Hispanic University and the online institutions in the Laureate International Universities network, will join together to observe International Women’s Day by hosting a live webinar. The webinar will feature faculty members from several institutions who will recognize the achievements of women around the world who are leaders in their fields and committed to transforming international business.

Panel members will share thought-provoking and inspiring perspectives of notable women who have played a role in changing the landscape of international business and helped pave the way for generations of future women leaders.

  • Dr. Gladys Ato, provost, The National Hispanic University, discussing Oprah Winfrey
  • Mary Farmer, director of online programs, Glion Institute of Higher Education, discussing Christine Lagarde
  • Professor Elaine Harris, director of the Business School, University of Roehampton, discussing Sarah Phillips
  • Dr. Helen O'Sullivan, director of the Centre for Excellence in Evidence-Based Learning and Teaching, University of Liverpool, discussing Dame Sally Davies
  • Dr. Kathleen Simmons, program director, School of Management, Walden University, discussing Rear Adm. Grace Murray Hopper

International Women's Day is a global opportunity to recognize women of all cultural, ethnic, political, and economic backgrounds for the contributions and achievements they’ve made to their countries and their communities. It is an occasion for looking back on past struggles and accomplishments, and more important, for looking ahead to the dynamic possibilities and opportunities that the future holds.

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About the Presenters

Gladys Ato, Psy.D.
The National Hispanic University

Gladys AtoDr. Gladys Ato is the provost of The National Hispanic University. In this role, she is helping to advance the university's teaching and learning environment in support of its mission and vision. Previously, Dr. Ato served as Chief Academic Officer and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Argosy University in San Francisco, Calif., and also held several clinical positions in a variety of schools, clinics, and hospitals. She is active in the Hispanic community, providing consultation, assessment, crisis intervention, and case management services.

Mary Farmer, MBA
Glion Institute of Higher Education
Gladys AtoMary Farmer is director of online programs for Glion Institute of Higher Education in Bulle, Switzerland, lead faculty HR for the Glion online MBA, and a faculty member in the graduate school. She has served as president of the European Professional Women's Network in Amsterdam and the European Women's Management Development network in the Netherlands, and she is a member of the European Institute for Managing Diversity in Barcelona. She is also executive director for the Global Talent & Inclusion Strategy Network for Executive Networks, serving as in-house thought leader for diversity and inclusion to the enterprise resource heads of Fortune 100 companies around the globe. Farmer regularly speaks at leadership events including the annual Women's International Networking Conference. Her doctoral research in unconscious bias has helped drive the inclusion of women into leadership positions in multinational organizations.

Professor Elaine Harris, DBA, MBA
University of Roehampton
Gladys AtoElaine Harris has been professor of accounting and management and director of the Business School at Roehampton since 2010, where she is playing a key role in the development of online master's programs with Laureate. She has more than 25 years of experience in higher education and has taught a wide variety of accounting and business subjects. Dr. Harris started her career in accountancy practice at MHA MacIntyre Hudson chartered accountants in 1976, where she qualified as an accountant and reached a managerial position at an early age. Her personal research is in the field of strategic decision making and control, and she has developed a framework for project risk assessment based on action research. Her current focus is the use of intuition in managerial judgment in strategic investment decisions.

Helen O'Sullivan, Ph.D.
University of Liverpool
Gladys AtoHelen O'Sullivan is a senior lecturer in medical education and director of the Centre for Excellence in Evidence-Based Learning and Teaching at the University of Liverpool. She is responsible for e-learning and online learning for the faculty and coordinates the postgraduate programs in the medical school. Her teaching and research interests are in medical professionalism and medical leadership, especially the role that emotional intelligence plays in becoming a good doctor.

Kathleen Simmons, Ph.D., PMP
Walden University
Gladys AtoKathleen Simmons is the program director for the B.S. in Business Administration program at Walden University. She teaches courses in business, management, information systems management, and project management. Prior to joining Walden in 2003, Dr. Simmons was an executive consultant with IBM, vice president of Explore Reasoning Systems, and systems integration manager at the Vanguard Group. Her area of research interest is information systems management, particularly with regard to technology-enabled student support services for students who study at a distance.