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Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards


The National Hispanic University's satisfactory academic progress requirements to receive Title IV student financial aid comply with U.S. Department of Education regulations. These standards are intended to establish minimum, reasonable levels of advancement toward degree completion and to guard against abuse of federal financial aid programs. Satisfactory progress requirements for receipt of federal financial aid are separate and distinct from the university's academic progress requirements for academic continuance.

Satisfactory academic progress for all students is reviewed after each period of enrollment. Students receive written notification via e-mail to their National Hispanic University email account if they are placed on financial aid warning. Upon receiving this warning, a student has one period of enrollment to return to the requirements listed below. If the student does not meet the requirements, they may appeal for a period of financial aid probation. If the appeal is not granted students become ineligible for federal financial aid.

It is the student's responsibility to know the requirements for meeting satisfactory academic progress. Failure to receive notification will not nullify a student's financial aid status with National Hispanic University.

Minimum Standard for Federal Financial Aid
Program Type
Minimum Course Completion Rate
Minimum Cumulative GPA
Maximum Time Frame to Receive
Federal Aid
Bachelor's degree and Certificate in Translation and Interpretation
192 financial aid attempted units
Master's degree and Teacher Credential
15 semesters
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