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General Education Requirements (Undergraduate)


Our comprehensive General Education program provides you with the broad foundation of knowledge you need for your successful learning experience at NHU and throughout your life. Your teachers will guide you through the study of basic concepts in math, natural science, literature, art, humanities, behavioral sciences, and social sciences.

Acquire a broader understanding of the world and prepare to use this knowledge in your everyday work experience by:

  • Developing your critical-thinking skills.

  • Presenting arguments clearly.

  • Composing and delivering effective oral and written presentations.

  • Making appropriate use of language.

  • Using information literacy skills to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively and responsibly use information in various formats.

  • Recognizing the cultural complexity and dynamic nature of different cultures, their influence and contributions to our world, and the skills and characteristics you need to succeed in a multicultural society.

  • Solving mathematical problems and creating sophisticated arguments supported by quantitative evidence.

Read the academic learning outcomes.

The General Education requirements courses are divided into lower-division and upper-division courses.

Lower-Division Course Requirements

  • Area A: Communication in the English Language and Critical Thinking (9 units)

  • Area B: Physical Universe and Its Life Forms (10 units)

  • Area C: Arts, Literature, Philosophy, and Foreign Languages (9 units)

  • Area D: Social, Political, and Economic Institutions and Behavior (9 units)

  • Area E: Lifelong Understanding and Self (3 units)

  • Course Descriptions
Upper-Division Course Requirements
  • Area I: Advanced Written Composition (3 units)

  • Area II: Human Expression Across the Globe (3 units)

  • Area III: World Issues and Problems (3 units)

  • Course Descriptions


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