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Translation and Interpretation Certificate Program


Turn your mastery of Spanish and English into a career as an interpreter or translator. With our certificate program, you can demonstrate your language proficiency and learn the techniques required to deliver fast, accurate, and effective translations in a variety of settings, including medical, legal, business, technology, and education. Whether your goal is to own your translation and interpretation company, become a freelancer, or be an integral part of a public or private organization, this program offers the courses to put your language skills to work.

See the admission requirements.

Certificate Requirements

21 total units

Optional Language Courses
T&I 100
T&I 101 Advanced Spanish for Translation and Interpretation 3
T&I 103 Advanced English for Translation and Interpretation 3


Required Courses
T&I 205
T&I 305 Translation Theory & Technique I 3
T&I 306 Interpretation Theory & Technique I 3
T&I 316 Spanish Medical Terminology: Anatomy & Physiology 3
T&I 318 Spanish Medical Terminology: Diseases and Treatment 3
T&I 413 Legal Translation 3
T&I 414 Legal Interpretation 3

Please Note: The National Hispanic University was approved to participate in a U.S. Department of Education experiment that will randomly select eligible students enrolled in the Translation and Interpretation certificate program to receive a Pell Grant. Known as the Experimental Sites Initiative (ESI) Federal Pell Grant Program, participating institutions, like NHU, will award a limited amount of Pell Grant dollars to students eligible to receive Pell Grants. The purpose is to help the federal government determine if it should make changes to the Pell Grant Program's eligibility requirements (e.g., allowing students with bachelor's degrees to receive a Pell Grant for enrollment in short-term vocational programs or allowing very short-term training programs to be Pell Grant eligible). NHU will seek consent from eligible students prior to participation in the random lottery selection process.

Translation and Interpretation Certificate Program Data