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Online Learning


The National Hispanic University (NHU) offers some of our high-quality programs online. Like our campus-based programs, the university’s online offerings are built on cultural respect. NHU aims to foster an online learning environment that promotes the educational success of the Hispanic community and those serving the Hispanic community.

All of the online programs are designed to provide you with the academic and practical knowledge you need to succeed and advance in your career. These relevant programs are grounded in the latest practice and current research and are taught by faculty with real-world expertise.

Online Degree Programs

The Benefits of Learning Online

A flexible online learning model:

  • Participate in classes on a weekly basis whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • Attend classes and submit coursework from anywhere you have access to a computer and the Internet.
  • Connect to your classroom, course syllabus, grades, financial records, and student support services from one convenient location.

A dynamic, high-quality curriculum:

  • Prepare for real-world challenges through practical coursework.
  • Apply skills and strategies immediately in your workplace.
  • Bring course content to life with interactive features and multimedia elements.

Accessible, knowledgeable faculty:

  • Engage in meaningful learning experiences with faculty trained to facilitate online learning.
  • Get support and assistance with regular online office hours.
  • Maintain progress toward your degree with optional “mini-sessions” designed to ensure that you understand your coursework and perform successfully on assignments.

Support when and where you need it:

  • Learn to navigate the online classroom before your first course begins through participation in a Student Readiness Orientation.
  • Connect and collaborate with your fellow students via instant messaging, online chat rooms, and discussion boards.
  • Access free writing resources and tutorials to help you strengthen your proficiency in college-level writing.
  • Take advantage of 24/7 student support services, including help with technical issues and other student inquiries

If you would like to learn more about online learning at NHU, please call an enrollment advisor at 1-877-584-6648 and view the online webinar.

Learn more about the Technical Support and Requirements for online Learning.