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Michael Mooney

Michael Mooney

M.A. and B.A., California State University, Hayward

Research Interests
At-risk students, college access, early university, retention, reading/writing process, project-based learning, using social networks in the classroom, nonlinear learning, diverse learning styles

Michael Mooney began his tenure as an English professor at The National Hispanic University in 1990 and was the first full-time professor hired by the university. Even though NHU had fewer than 50 students at the time, he fell in love with the university's unique mission and the dedication of the students and staff to make this country better for its citizens. In addition to teaching classes, he has served as the department chair for five of the six undergraduate academic departments. In 2008, he founded the Early University Program (EUP) at NHU, which offers qualified students from partner high schools and community organizations a chance to take university courses while attending high school through a concurrent-enrollment model. Mooney currently directs the program, which to date has served over 300 students, most of whom are first-generation college students with at least one at-risk factor.


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