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General Education Learning Outcomes


Students who complete the General Education curriculum at NHU will be able to:

  1. Oral Communication

    Deliver oral presentations that are purposefully designed to increase knowledge, foster understanding, or promote change in the listeners' attitudes, beliefs, values or behaviors.

  2. Written Communication

    Compose written presentations that use many genres and styles, present arguments based on well analyzed information sources, and make appropriate use of the conventions of language in the discipline and to the nature of the work.

  3. Critical Thinking

    Use critical thinking skills characterized by the comprehensive exploration of issues, ideas, and events from multiple perspectives before accepting or formulating opinions or conclusions.

  4. Information Literacy

    Demonstrate information literacy skills by being able to identify, locate, evaluate and effectively and responsibly use information in various formats.

  5. Intercultural Knowledge and Competence

    Recognize the complexity and dynamic nature of different cultures, their influence and contributions to the contemporary world, and the skills and characteristics needed to succeed in a culturally pluralistic society.

  6. Quantitative Literacy

    Practice quantitative literacy skills by solving quantitative problems, creating sophisticated arguments supported by quantitative evidence, and communicating arguments in a variety of formats.