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Special Education Specialization


As an experienced educator, you know that children with special needs require different approaches. To help you make the most of their learning experience, this program incorporates an in-depth study of the impact of disabilities on learning and teaching using the latest developments in neuroscience, assessment, and scientifically based intervention, and the most current instructional strategies in literacy and working with English language learners.

This can help you gain a well-rounded perspective of the disabilities spectrum and how to apply your knowledge and skills to address specific students’ needs in an effective and culturally sensitive way.

This specialization, taught on campus, provides research-based practical strategies to help you:

  • Design and implement curricula to facilitate the growth and learning of students with disabilities.

  • Assemble and evaluate data to make effective decisions related to special education programs.

  • Employ assistive technology to promote higher levels of student engagement and learning.

  • Establish and foster a culturally responsive classroom that supports diverse student learning at all levels.

  • Support student development through collaboration with general education teachers, families, school professionals and others in the educational community.

The curriculum is designed to help you prepare for careers in:

  • K–12 education

  • Education administration

  • Educational consulting

See the admission requirements.

Degree Requirements

  • 33 total units

    • Core Courses (18 units)

    • Specialization Courses (15 units)
Core Courses (18 units)

EDU 608

EDU 615 Diversity in the Classroom 3
EDU 620 Second Language Acquisition and Development 3
EDU 667 Instructional Strategies for English Learners 3
EDU 697 Research in Education 3
EDU 698 Analyzing and Synthesizing Research 3

Specialization Courses (15 units)

SPED 604

SPED 605 Strategic Collaboration in Special Education 3
SPED 606 Advanced Instructional Strategies in Special Education 3
SPED 607 Literacy Interventions in Special Education 3
SPED 608 Advanced Behavioral Interventions in Special Education 3