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CTEL (CLAD)/BCLAD Certificates Course Descriptions

Prerequisite Courses

LIN 406
Comparative Linguistics (3 units)

Students compare and contrast language systems (phonology, morphology, structure, and syntax) with English. The class includes major languages spoken in California schools.

Prerequisite: Upper Division Standing

CTEL (CLAD)/BCLAD Authorization Courses

EDU 508
Educational Foundations (3 units)

This course involves a systematic analysis of the effect of culture, values, language, economic status, gender, and ethnicity on children in the classroom. Issues related to political control of education, English Language Learners, culture, philosophy, and history will be addressed. Students develop an understanding of the relationship between schools and society by focusing on recent contemplated changes in the role of the teacher, historical contexts of education and politics, educational responses to an increasingly diverse and multicultural society, the law and its effect on schools, and the organization and financing of schools.

EDU 515
Cultural Diversity in the Classroom (3 units)

This course focuses on the general nature of cultural diversity. Students explore school and community implications such as ethnic, linguistic, socioeconomic, gender, and handicapping differences. A focus on theoretical and practical issues of diversity in a classroom setting as it relates to culture, race, gender ethnicity, language, and socio-economic levels are included. Group culture patterns and value orientation, research findings in multicultural education, learning experiences, and curriculum development are discussed.

EDU 520
Second Language Learners (3 units)

This course focuses on theories and factors in first and second language acquisition and English language development, including cognitive, affective, socio-cultural, political, and pedagogical factors that affect first and second language development in a multicultural setting. The course prepares teacher credential candidates to achieve knowledge about language learning issues required for teaching culturally and linguistically diverse learners in California. In addition, students explore and develop instructional models, strategies, approaches, and assessment for English as a Second Language (ESL) and content based second language teaching in diverse cultural and linguistic settings. Field work observation is included.

EDU 567
Advanced Teaching for English Language Learners (3 units)

This course builds on knowledge and skills acquired during preliminary preparation programs for delivery of comprehensive, specialized instruction for English Language Learners (ELLs). Candidates critically examine schools' organizational structures and resources designed to meet ELL students' needs and further develop skills in planning and delivering instruction and assessment in English language development, academic language comprehension and production, and Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE).

Prerequisites: Preliminary Credential