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CLEAR Credential: Single or Multiple Subject Course Descriptions

CLEAR Credential: Single or Multiple Subject Courses

EDU 561
Creating Inclusive Classrooms (2 units)

This course discusses ways in which the diverse learner can be accommodated in the general education setting. The course begins by reviewing strategies that can be implemented at the classroom level and then focuses on some special needs students and how to individually tailor lessons to meet their particular needs. Students become familiar with the general characteristics and needs that many exceptional learners share and learn strategies that can help accommodate these needs. At the end of this course, students will have several modified instructional units that they can begin implement in their own classrooms.

Prerequisites: 2042 Multiple or Single Subject Preliminary Credential

EDU 562
Equity for All Students (3 units)

Candidates will examine issues related to equity, diversity and their implications for educational settings. Personal and community biases will be scrutinized regarding: race, gender, socio-economic status, culture, religion, second language learners, and persons with special needs. Through coursework, seminars, field experiences, and group work, candidates will be challenged to examine their attitudes toward these critical issues and to become sensitive and proactively responsive to them. Candidates will explore and develop educational and leadership capacities needed to ensure access and academic/social equity for all members of the extended school community. Candidates support academic achievement for students from all ethnic, race, socioeconomic, cultural, academic, and linguistic or family background; gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation; students with disabilities and advanced learners; and students with a combination of special instructional needs.

Prerequisite: 2042 Multiple or Single Subject Credential

EDU 567
Advanced Teaching for English Language Learners (3 units)

This course builds on knowledge and skills acquired during preliminary preparation programs for delivery of comprehensive, specialized instruction for English Language Learners (ELLs). Candidates critically examine schools' organizational structures and resources designed to meet ELL students' needs and further develop skills in planning and delivering instruction and assessment in English language development, academic language comprehension and production, and Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE).

Prerequisites: Preliminary Credential

EDU 570
Context of Teaching (3 units)

The context of teaching includes anything in the surrounding environment (physical, social, institutional, and personal) that influences teaching and learning. The physical environment includes the classroom where teaching/learning occurs. The social environment including the relationship between teacher and students and the cultural norms play a significant role in what can and does occur in the classroom. The institutional norms play a similar role as cultural norms but perhaps more strongly affect what behaviors the teacher and students see as acceptable.

Prerequisite: 2042 Multiple or Single Subject Credential

EDU 571
Study and Implementation of Pedagogy (3 units)

Participating teachers grow and improve in their ability to reflect upon and apply the California Standards for the Teaching Profession and the specific pedagogical skills for subject matter instruction beyond what was demonstrated for the preliminary credential. They utilize the adopted academic content standards and performance levels for students, curriculum frameworks, and instructional materials in the context of their teaching assignment.

Participating teachers use and interpret student assessment data from multiple measures for entry level, progress monitoring, and summative assessments of student academic performance to inform instruction. They plan and differentiate instruction using multi-tiered interventions as appropriate based on the assessed individual, academic language and literacy, and diverse learning needs of the full range of learners (e.g., struggling readers, students with special needs, English learners, speakers of non-standard English, and advanced learners).

Prerequisites: 2042 Multiple and Single Subject Credential

EDU 572
Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning (3 units)

The course and seminar will explore, implement, and apply knowledge gained in their preliminary credential based on the following beliefs: Teachers know and care about their students in order to engage them in learning. They connect learning to students' prior knowledge, backgrounds, life experiences, and interests. They connect subject matter to meaningful, real-life contexts. Teachers use a variety of instructional strategies, resources, and technologies to meet the diverse learning needs of students. They promote critical thinking through inquiry, problem solving, and reflection. They monitor student learning and adjust instruction while teaching.

Prerequisites: 2042 Multiple and Single Subject Credential