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CLEAR Credential: Single or Multiple Subject


To teach in the state of California, you must have a valid California Teaching Credential as authorized by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. If you have a preliminary credential, you have five years to complete additional requirements to remain certified as a K-12 teacher. This program is taught on our campus in San José and includes induction and supervision.

See the admission requirements.

Completion Requirements

  • 6 courses (17 units) taken consecutively
    • 6 weeks each
    • 2 evenings per week
CLEAR Credential: Single or Multiple Subject Courses
EDU 561 Creating Inclusive Classrooms 2
EDU 562 Equity for All Students 3
EDU 567 Advanced Teaching for English Language Learners 3
EDU 570 Context of Teaching 3
EDU 571 Study and Implementation of Pedagogy 3
EDU 572 Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning 3

We also offer the preliminary credential programs for prospective educators you know.

For more information about these programs, please call 1-877-584-6648 and speak to one of our enrollment advisors.