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Blended B.A. – Teacher Credential


Through a combination of courses in multiple academic subject areas and teaching field experiences, you can gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become an effective elementary educator. Explore techniques and best practices for working with students from various cultural, socioeconomic, and linguistic backgrounds. Read more about the academic learning outcomes.

The Blended B.A. – Teacher Credential program allows you to complete your degree and earn your California Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential concurrently, shortening your time to completion and getting you in the classroom sooner. Upon successful completion of all requirements, you will earn a Bachelor of Arts in Teacher Preparation.

See the admission requirements.

Degree Requirements

You can transfer up to 68 units into this program.

Core Courses (27 units)

CD 100

ECE 103 Child Growth and Development 3
ETH 265 Minorities in the United States 3
MAT 200 Conceptual Geometry 3
CS 120 Integrated Computer Applications 3
MAT 312 Educational Statistics 3
ENG 401 Multi-Ethnic Children's Literature 3
ETH 400 Gender, Race, and Culture in American Society 3
GEO 300 Principles of Cultural Geography 3
HIS 313 California History 3

Teaching Major Courses (43 units)

LIN 406

EDU 447 Theoretical Foundations of Physical Education and Health Education for K-8 3
EDU 508 Educational Foundations 3
EDU 514 Effective Teaching and Learning 3
EDU 515 Cultural Diversity in the Classroom 3
EDU 516 Classroom Field Experience and Seminar 1
EDU 520 Second Language Learners 3
EDU 522 Methods: Science Curriculum and Instruction 2
EDU 527 Methods: Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction 2
EDU 529 Methods: History Social Science Curriculum and Instruction 3
EDU 530 Language Arts, Reading Curriculum and Instruction 6
EDU 531 Computer Technology for Teaching and Learning I 2
EDU 550 Teaching Health Education 2
EDU 551 Inclusive Educational Practices 3
EDU 555 Student Teaching Practicum 4

Electives (7 units)

Elective courses can be chosen from general education courses, B.A. in Child Development concentration and core courses, or courses from any of NHU's bachelor's degree programs.

Blended B.A. — Teacher Credential Program Data

The California Commission on Teaching Credentialing's standards for credential preparation are met through the bachelor's program coursework blended with Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential courses.