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School-Age Concentration


Children with multicultural backgrounds can thrive in a school environment with the support of well-trained educational and professional staff. Gain knowledge and skills that can prepare you to work with culturally and linguistically diverse children ages 5 to 12. This concentration, offered on campus, can help you:

  • Understand and implement teaching styles that integrate language, reading, math, and visual and performing arts.

  • Identify the relationship between these topics and apply them to the developmental milestones within each area.

  • Interpret information needed to define language learning skills and set goals and appropriate learning opportunities for children.

  • Link aspects of curriculum design to historical and current perspectives on language learning and teaching.

  • Analyze and use effective assessment strategies in the context of family partnerships to positively influence the culturally diverse child’s development and learning.

This concentration can help you prepare for careers such as:

  • Early childhood teacher/assistant

  • Director of child development programs

  • Family day care provider, infant-toddler child care provider/teacher

  • School-age child care provider

  • Elementary school pre-teacher trainee

  • Preschool and child development center administrator

  • Parent educator

  • Human services agency representative

  • Mental health consultant

  • Elementary and secondary school staff member

  • Child/youth advocate in social and legal arena

  • Child and family counselor

See the admission requirements.

Degree Requirements

If you are a San Mateo County Community College District student, you can complete this concentration on campus at Cañada College. Find out more about the completion and admission requirements.

Lower-Division Core Child Development Courses (22 units)
EDU 101
ECE 101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3
ECE 103 Child Growth and Development 3
ECE 105 Observations and Assessment Techniques 3
ECE 106 Child, Family, and Community 3
ECE 110 Early Childhood Curriculum 3
CD 214 Understanding Children's Behavior: Social Emotional Guidance 3

Upper-Division Core Child Development Courses (27 units)
PSY 325
CD 352 Cognitive and Language Development 3
CD 353 Play, Development and Learning 3
CD 450 Socio-Emotional Development of Children 3
CD 452 Leadership and Advocacy for Children 3
CD 453 Research in Child Development 3
CD 455 Culture and Cognition 3
CD 454 Practicum in Early Childhood Education II 3
CD 458 Becoming a Child Development Professional (Online Students) 3

Concentration Courses (9 units)
CD 436 Socio‐Cultural Issues in Biliteracy Education
EDU 300 Liberal Studies Gateway Experience 3
CD 440 Appropriate Practices across Curriculum through Pedagogy 3
CD 442 Methods for Second Language Learners 3
CD 219 Inclusive Practices for Young Children 3
Elective Courses (18 units)
Choose any courses that interest you from this program, our general education program, or our other undergraduate programs.