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Career Management Services


Throughout the M.B.A. program, you'll have access to services that are designed to provide you with ongoing, personalized career management training and support. You will have the opportunity to build relationships with business leaders, discover your personal motivators and core values, and learn how to network and interview.

Our services include:

  1. Career Assessment and
    Personal and Professional Development Planning

    Identify your core values, attributes, skills, and motivators to accurately determine your work preferences and professional goals when you take the career assessment in your first M.B.A. course. You will then use the results to create a personal and professional development plan, allowing you to measure your progress toward achieving your goals.

  2. Individualized Career Coaching Sessions

    During your M.B.A. program, you will have five individualized coaching sessions with business-savvy, experienced professionals, many of whom have served as leaders in Global 500 companies. Your career coach will help provide you with insight into networking, career changing, career advancement, and job finding, based on your personal profile, career assessment results, and your personal and professional development plan.

  3. Career Development Webinars

    Participate in live webinars and access archived videos presented by business experts who will discuss topics such as creating your own brand, marketing yourself, and using social media to network. You can also take part in a series of webinars featuring experts speaking about current practices in their industries. You can gain real-life professional perspective while connecting with other students in shared group events.

  4. Career Development/Job Search Portal

    As an NHU M.B.A. student, you will have access to a job search portal. This exceptional tool will provide you with resources that can help you conduct your job search and prepare for interviews. The portal includes videos on résumé development, interviewing, and negotiating strategies, as well as a tool that allows you to tape and review yourself answering mock interview questions. You will also have access to a job opportunity board and career library.

  5. Business Leadership Mentoring Program

    You can collaborate with business professionals and open doors to networking opportunities when you enroll in the NHU Business Leadership Mentoring Program. Connect virtually with a mentor selected from a network of more than 85 Fortune 500 companies in more than 15 industries. Learn about general trends in an industry, discuss professional associations and activities to get involved with, and receive advice on how to grow and thrive in your chosen field.