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President's Welcome


Dr. Gladys AtoPresident's Welcome

When I first came to The National Hispanic University, I was immediately struck by the passion and shared commitment of the students, faculty, and staff in fulfilling the university's mission and vision. Together, they were creating a unique place to learn–a place where diversity is strength, collaboration is the norm, and familia is the foundation. It made me want to be part of this community, a part of its future.

As you explore NHU, I want you to feel that same passion. I want you to know that together we can achieve your educational goals–with rigorous academic programs, dedicated faculty and staff, and students who are emerging leaders in their communities. I want you to know why and how we ensure each student has the support needed to graduate and become an agent of change.

So, meet our faculty and staff, listen to our students, and read about our programs and services. Discover how our roots in serving the Hispanic community have become the foundation for a multicultural learning environment that prepares students of all backgrounds to thrive in a global marketplace and lead in their local communities and beyond.

When you are ready, join us. Together, we will create a wonderful learning experience!


Gladys Ato, Psy.D.
President and Provost